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You might get hooked on “Love Addiction”

RALEIGH NEWS & OBSERVER– Relationship TV shows typically focus on finding love (or “love” as in “The Bachelor”) or fixing folk so they can learn how to be in relationships (like “Tough Love”).

But what’s equally important is to know when to get out of a relationship. That’s the focus of “Love Addiction” (8 tonight, TV One), a new eight-episode docu-series that stages interventions to help men and women leave a bad situation.

Naturally, the folks in the relationships can’t see that their love is toxic, so the intervention is triggered by a loved one. But before that, the series gives an upclose and detailed look at the couple, with the specifics filled in by the couple themselves. For the surprise intervention, a therapist or relationship expert is brought in to guide the person to an enlightened decision.

The episode I screened, which I don’t think is the premiere episode, featured a couple who seemed close. But slowly it’s revealed that the guy is a chauvinist essentially using the woman for her health benefits as he pursues his acting career (which means he has no job). And his friends thought SHE was the problem. The show does a terrific job of giving us a full picture of both members of the couple. In fact, there’s more background than intervention in the episode I watched.

And that what makes a show like this work. By the time we get to the therapist part, we need to feel like we know the problem so we can yell hings like “Girl, can’t you see he’s emotionally unavailable?!” or “You better run away from her. Now.” We want to be the therapist in a relationship we have no investment in.

“Love Addiction” effectively allows that to happen, and so it satisfies. It’s definitely the kind of show you could get hooked on.

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