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TLC’s “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” Is Back

By Christine McDow

REALITY TV MAGAZINE- While we still wonder how someone can honestly NOT know they are pregnant, TLC has been busy filming new episodes of their hit show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. Starting September 30th there will be 10 new shows aired. 

Each half-hour episode will shock and intrigue viewers, with the most bizarre pregnancy and delivery stories imaginable. Season two promises even more outrageous stories, including a woman who didn’t know she was pregnant – not once, but twice. Another woman featured in the show was about to undergo a hysterectomy when the doctors found she was almost at full term and about to give birth. Other women share their stories of how after watching the show and being shocked to hear these cases, they themselves turned out to be pregnant without knowing.

What do you think about this reality show? Do you believe that people can really walk around pregnant, for 9 months, and not even have a clue? Whatever you believe it is definitely great entertainment and fun to watch! Tune into TLC to watch the brand new season.

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