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A Small Business that Could Sink Its Teeth Into YOU

FORBES– As a little boy, I used to have nightmares about this kind of thing. If you’ve ever watched the Gator Boys on the Discovery Channel, you’ve learned a couple of things from Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. These two small businessmen regularly risk life and limb to capture and remove live alligators from backyards, swimming pools, garages and bedrooms all around the Florida Everglades.

Viewers Petition for Season Two of Love Addiction

CHANGE.ORG– TV-One has struck gold with it’s new Relevant Reality Show ‘Love Addiction.’ Not only do people find it Entertaining but Educational as well. A network has finally gotten it right. LOVE ADDICTION is a new eight-episode, emotion-filled documentary series where I, Hasani Pettiford, and two other top relationship experts, along with family members and friends ,come together to try and help loved ones extricate themselves from destructive relationships that are demoralizing and erode self-esteem.

Fans in a Frenzy over Gator Boys Future

SUN SENTINIAL– Fans of the Animal Planet reality show “Gator Boys” are in a frenzy, worried the gator wranglers will be kicked out of a Broward County park. The show features a gator-capturing duo who save the day in backyard canals and swimming pools, trapping nuisance alligators by hand. And home base for the “Gator Boys” is in Broward County, about as far west as you can drive on Griffin Road, at Everglades Holiday Park. The picturesque, rustic park in western Broward was taken over by the county in June, and the TV show’s footage has been a public relations boon for the park, where the show’s stars wrestle alligators for visitors.

Broken Minds hosted by Dr. Reef leads viewers on journey inside the mind

MONSTERS AND CRITICS– One of People’s sexiest bachelors, Dr. Reef Karim (Dr. Reef), is known to the media as “the love doctor” and “the Sex, drugs and relationships” doctor…He will also be the host of a new Discovery Fit & Health series featured during Psych Week (June 3-8). The fascinating new medical mystery series, “Broken Minds”, hosted by Dr. Reef Karim, leads viewers on a bizarre journey deep inside the mind.

Novel Care for Rare Heart Condition Featured on Discovery Health

UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER–The collaborative innovation of two University of Rochester Medical Center specialists who injected “medical superglue” into a rare mass in a young woman’s heart will be featured on the Discovery Fit & Health channel at 10 p.m. Monday, June 25. The series premiere of “Diagnosis: Dead or Alive” shares the dramatic story of how an unlikely pairing of a neurosurgeon and cardiologist collaborated to destroy an arterio-venous malformation (AVM) the size of a golf ball in a Clyde woman’s heart.

‘Gator Boys’: Jimmy Riffle on the bite that lasted 8 minutes

HOLLYWOOD SOAPBOX — Animal Planet’s Gator Boys follows the alligator rescue efforts of Jimmy Riffle and his business partner Paul Bedard. Together, the gator team helps local residents with pesky reptilians and also dispels any misconceptions about our scaled friends (or enemies?). When most people head to the office for another 9-to-5 slog, Riffle and Bedard head into tricky situations with large-toothed animals that turn off most people.

BLOOD RELATIVES Launches June 7 at 10 PM ET

THE FUTON CRITIC– From the outside, families can seem like harmonious units, pillars of the community in loving homes. But in BLOOD RELATIVES, the façades are shed to reveal complex layers of jealousy, adultery, and vengeance that resulted in the unthinkable: a murder within a family. From the matriarch to favored son, black sheep to heir apparent, each episode unravels the motives of every family member, who are all potential suspects . . . and potential victims.


BLACKNEWS.COM– When psychologist, Dr. Alduan Tartt, got a call from Brian Puterman of Mike Mathis Productions ( and Nikki Webber of TVOne Cable Network ( to perform “love interventions” for people trapped in toxic relationships on national television, he thought the idea was crazy; crazy enough to actually work. “The idea of using reality TV to do something positive, fix toxic relationships and showcase the healing power of therapy to millions was too tempting to pass up on,” Tartt states.

Investigation Discovery’s BLOOD RELATIVES Premieres June 7th

In Investigation Discovery’s new series BLOOD RELATIVES, all bonds are off when those closest to you commit the coldest of crimes. These teenagers, parents, spouses and siblings make sure to keep their loved ones in the family, by way of murder. From children who kill their mothers and fathers to parents who kill their sons and daughters, the love lost in each episode is palpable. Family members reveal their secrets behind the storybook façade, and create a compelling mystery that raises the question: is blood really thicker than water?