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‘Love Addiction’ Review

THE PHILADELPHIA TRIBUNE– With the mission of rescuing people who are trapped in toxic relationships, TV One presents “Love Addiction,” a riveting reality series premiering at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, April 25.

Under the premise of doing a documentary on relationships, the couples’ relationship patterns are captured on camera, and once the loved one’s destructive situation is established, family and friends gather with one of three relationship experts for an intervention. Ultimately the “love addict” will have to choose: remain in the relationship and risk losing support of their loved ones, or “leave the love-gone-wrong for a life so right.”

“We all know friends or family members who almost serially seem to end up in bad relationships, or who fall under the toxic spell of a bad romance, and we wish we could help them realize how much better they deserve to be treated,” said TV One president and CEO Wonya Lucas. “This series is not only riveting and full of emotion, it also should provide some great advice for those with troubled relationships and even those who want to keep their relationships healthy.”

In the debut episode, which is a doozy, we meet 29-year-old Marcus Foy, the tall, handsome, likeable man-child of Adrienne Nixon, a devoted 50-year-old single mother who lovingly refers to her son as “Mama’s Baby.” An “aspiring musician,” Marcus loves to “beatbox” and do The Dougie. He wears saggy jeans, dyes his hair blonde and has no visible means of support, other than the network of middle-aged women in his life.

Enter Marcus’ “girlfriend” Suzi, who at age 51 is one year older than his mother. A pill-popping, hard-drinking retired Vegas showgirl, Suzi is a walking disaster who is supposedly going through a divorce. Living with Suzi in a home that is completely financed by her estranged husband, Marcus, who wistfully dreams of marrying Suzi, has basically traded in one mother for another. “Sometimes I feel like I’m the boy toy,” he laments.” Ya think?

“Marcus is amazing,” said Suzi. “He makes me feel like a 16-year-old girl sometimes.” In a state of bliss akin to being a trance, Marcus adds, “I feel like our souls are connected in a major way.”

Adrienne, of course, is livid. Not only does she describe Suzi as an “old, brokedown, sorry-ass Vegas dancer,” Adrienne wants grandchildren, which Suzi, who has had a total hysterectomy, cannot provide. “She will NOT marry my son! Over my dead body!” Mama vows.

With the two women fighting over Baby Boy, Marcus’ best friend, Jacob, is also concerned. He misses his buddy, and believes that he’s throwing his life away over an old woman. Since they are both on the same page, Jacob and Adrienne contact relationship expert Hasani Pettiford, who gives marvelous insight throughout the show, to stage an intervention and rescue Marcus from his “Love Addiction.” Will Marcus marry Suzi, or will Adrienne get “her man” back?

Watching “Love Addiction,” which re-airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m., 11 p.m. and midnight, is a bit like watching a train wreck, but I do believe that TV One has another hit on its hands.

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