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I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

GLOBAL MEDIA NEWS– I Didn’t know I was Pregnant is a show on TLC that reveals the astonishing stories of women who go on in their daily lives, without knowing that they are pregnant until the day of delivery.

But how do they not know that they’re pregnant? Do they get their periods? Gain any weight? What about morning sickness? How is it possible to be up 36 weeks pregnant and not know it? The show focuses on different stories and different scenarios. But how could this be?! Besides the obvious reason witch it “Denial”, there are many factors that can contribute to the “surprise pregnancy”

According to Discovery Fit and Health, there are TEN main reasons why some women don’t know that they are pregnant until delivery day.

10) Fetus is too small and inactive. Believe it or not, some babies just don’t make a lot of commotion and when they do, some mothers think that it’s just an irregular or strong digestive activity.

9) Recent previous childbirth. Shortly after giving birth, women believe that they cannot get pregnant for a long time. The truth of that matter is that some women do ovulate which means that they can get pregnant within a few days of giving birth.

8) Dieting. Women who are very active and watch their weight might not even gain weight during pregnancy.

7) Stress. Stressful jobs, family, and personal problems can contribute to irregular periods and may cause women to not pay attention to their menstrual cycle.

6) Fetus is mistaken for a tumor. In some cases, especially when women have a family history that has had health problems, a fetus can be easily mistaken by a tumor.

5) Obesity. Carrying a lot of weight can perfectly hide the “baby bump”

4) Inaccurate use of birth control. Many women are very sure that they cannot be pregnant because they have been using birth control. However, all birth control methods have a failure rate and the chances of getting pregnant go up.

3) Bleeding. During pregnancy, some women have a “period-like” bleeding which is a much lighter and irregular period but it is enough to convince a woman that she is not pregnant.

2) Negative home pregnancy test. A lot of times, whether taken or read incorrectly, once a woman has tested negative for pregnancy at home, she may simply forget about it and not test a second time to make sure.

1) History of irregular cycles and/or infertility. Not being able to get pregnant in the past, a history or irregular periods and/or being close to menopause can fool a woman into thinking that she couldn’t be pregnant. They truth is, unless a method of birth control is used every time a women has sex, she can get pregnant!

Baby shows are Booming all over MTV and TLC and “I didn’t know i was Pregnant” is definitely a must watch!

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