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Gator Boys wrestle gators in Moss Point

FOX 10 NEWS– A pair of Florida trappers with their own reality show are wrestling gators in Jackson County, Mississippi this weekend. 

Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle are the stars of Animal Planet’s “Gator Boys” . The men hand-trap nusiance alligators that have invaded human-populated areas of the Florida Everglades and release them into the wild. 

At the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch in Moss Point, the pair are sharing their knowledge by wrestling the gators in the area. 

The ranch built a special fenced in pool for the gator wrestling shows and added shaded bleachers that seat about 50. 

You can catch the show Saturday and Sunday at three different times, 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Tickets include a self-guided walking tour along a fenced pier. They’re $10 for adults, $8 for children 4-9, and free for children 3 and younger. 

There are also 30 minute airboat tours available for an additional $30 per adult and $15 per child. 

While in town, Animal Planet is also shooting scenes for a future episode.

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