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I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant
How could a woman not know she’s pregnant? This TLC series reveals the surprising and shocking real-life stories of women who didn’t know they were carrying a baby until moments before the baby was born—or sometimes not until after the fact.

Love Addiction
The unstoppable and irrational force of a love addiction is a powerful thing. “Love Addiction” is a real-life documentary series that attempts to save troubled men and women from their destructive romantic relationships through an intervention by the people who love them the most. Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, children and friends come together to help love addicts rediscover themselves and their lives in this powerful, transformational intervention series.

Broken Minds
A new medical mystery series leading viewers on bizarre journeys deep inside the mind – where rare psychological disorders push people to the extremes of human behavior, leaving baffled doctors searching for answers.

Diagnosis: Dead or Alive
A new medical mystery series exploring rare cases from the point of view of the patient.  From the first sign of sickness to the final outcome, each episode follows the subject’s harrowing struggle.  Not until the end do we learn if the patient survived, or has been speaking to us from the grave.