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Carrie Fisher HOSTS Discovery Fit & Health’s PSYCH WEEK

TV BY THE NUMBERS– Hosted by Carrie Fisher, Discovery Fit & Health opens a meaningful dialogue on mental health with PSYCH WEEK, a weeklong programming event from Sunday, June 3 to Friday, June 8. With mental health programming airing nightly, beginning Sunday, June 3 at 8 PM ET/PT, PSYCH WEEK will profile individuals dealing with a spectrum of afflictions and addictions, from agoraphobia, sexsomnia and bipolar disorder to schizophrenia, hoarding, OCD and multiple-personality disorder.

On Sunday, June 3 at 10 PM ET/PT, PSYCH WEEK kicks-off with Born Schizophrenic: Jani’s Next Chapter, an hour-long special which chronicles the emotional journey into the Schofield family’s daily life as they navigate raising a schizophrenic child. Jani, one of the youngest children ever diagnosed with schizophrenia is now 9-years-old and while she has had some major improvements in controlling her vivid hallucinations, delusions and violent rages since being diagnosed, she has also had some setbacks. Jani’s parents, Michael and Susan, continue to struggle and adjust to life with a schizophrenic child but now their attention is turning to their son, Bodhi. At only 4 years old, is he showing signs of schizophrenia too?

The fascinating new mystery series BROKEN MINDS, hosted by Dr. Reef Karim, premieres with back-to-back episodes Wednesday, June 6 at 9 pm ET/PT. Each episode takes viewers to the most baffling regions of human behavior – where patients live in an alternate reality and doctors struggle to unlock the answers trapped deep inside the mind. From a man who is plagued by a secret desire to amputate his own leg to a woman who truly believes she is dead, BROKEN MINDS explores the complicated and mysterious behaviors of the human brain.

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