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Broken Minds hosted by Dr. Reef leads viewers on journey inside the mind

By April MacIntyre

MONSTERS AND CRITICS– One of People’s sexiest bachelors, Dr. Reef Karim (Dr. Reef), is known to the media as “the love doctor” and “the Sex, drugs and relationships” doctor.

Dr. Reef can act, dance in a Bollywood film and even wrangle a hot comedy club stage, and he’s also a top medical physician, psychiatrist, addiction specialist and relationship therapist to boot.
 Wickedly funny, street smart and gender/sex savvy, Dr. Reef’s latest co-authored book “Why Does He Do That? Why Does She Do That?: ‘Two Relationship Experts Reveal the Naked Truth About Dating in the 21st Century” will be featured during the coming Book Expo America in New York City. 

Make sure to meet Dr. Reef Karim at the Book Expo book signing on Wednesday, June 6th and is scheduled for 9:30am to 11:30am on June 6th, 2012 at the Boom Expo Sellers’ Book Booth inside the Javits Center, located at 655 West 34th Street, New York, N.Y.

He will also be the host of a new Discovery Fit & Health series featured during Psych Week (June 3-8). The fascinating new medical mystery series, “Broken Minds”, hosted by Dr. Reef Karim, leads viewers on a bizarre journey deep inside the mind.

Read article and see video here



You will witness rare disorders shape real life drama, pushing the afflicted to the extremes of human behavior, and leaving baffled doctors searching for answers.  “Broken Minds” premieres Wednesday, June 6th at 9 & 10 PM ET/PT.



From Discovery:

Broken Minds

101 – “A Forgotten Life” 

A man’s nightmares begin intruding into his waking life. Then, a woman loses 23 years of her life over the course of a nap. Plus, a man with a compulsion to control everything around him loses control over his own hand.

102 – “Down the Rabbit Hole”
A young woman suddenly experiences mind-bending visual distortions. A man is plagued by a lifelong secret desire to amputate his own leg. Plus, a woman believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is dead.

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