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PHOENIX NEW TIMES-​ With the ongoing popularity of Antiques Road Show, Pawn Stars and American Pickers, we knew the next guilty pleasure, trash-or-treasure show to come was a reality TV auction show. 

TLC knew too. The cable channel has a new show, Auctioneer$, in their line up this fall.But why is this so great for us local folks? Because the auction house, Auction Systems Auctioneers and Appraisers, is based right here in South Phoenix and 99 percent of their auctions are open to the public.

Deb Weidenhamer, owner of the Phoenix auction house, and her team make up the main cast of the show. Weidenhamer says they’re not just business of selling things — they’re now in the business of Auctiontainment and extends a public invitation to their auctions. Sounds like an opportunity for a treasure and 15 seconds of fame. 

 Given: Some of the items that go up for auction are pricey, but auction-goers can also find some bargains and DIY project starters. The main rule is to go with an open mind and to go often since new things come in every week and you never know what you find. 

TLC Auctioneer$ series premieres Saturday, October 9 at 10 p.m..

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