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by Barbara Crews

ABOUT.COM- For approximately seven months, camera crews were ever present, filming for the TLC program Auctioneer$, capturing the ins and outs of Deb Weidenhamer’s Arizona auction company, Auction Systems, Auctions & Appraisers.

What makes this show different than other auction and antique shows is that we get the whole story.

We find out who is selling, the history of the item, why they are selling, we get to watch the actual auction and then sometimes even get to meet the buyers.

Deb said “It took a little bit of adjustment to have three or four camera crews always around, but we did get used to them. To me it was surprising how the buyers were willing to talk to the cameras and the great participation.”

“I was really surprised pleased how it does show auction process. It’s been a fair representation showing that not everything sells for top dollar, it is not always a home run. But typically you come out much higher than you might have thought.”

“The finality of the story is what makes it more interesting.”

The show Auctioneer$ has eight episodes and is seen on the TLC channel. Watch for it on Saturday nights.

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